Education & Resources

At Crescent, we observe closely the evolving healthcare system, which puts added stress on physicians' practices to keep up with new regulations. We work with physicians' offices to reduce the burden of care transition. Below are a few helpful tools and resources to help make caring for your home healthcare patients a smooth and easy process. 

Patient Eligibility

Our skilled nurses and therapists will work closely with your practice to coordinate a continuum of care for your patients. The sooner you engage us in the support of your patients regarding their new medication, diagnosis or condition, the more effective our clinical programs and your patients’ outcomes may be. There is a better transitional impact early on that can help prevent hospitalization for your patients.

Crescent has compiled a few quick-reference guides to help you determine whether your patients may be eligible to benefit from home healthcare. The home health patient eligibility kit covers:

  • About Home Healthcare
  • Who Needs Crescent Home Healthcare?
  • Who is Eligible?
  • Conditions that Necessitate Home Healthcare
  • Admissions Criteria
  • Referral Process


Home Health Face-to-Face Requirement

As part of the Affordable Care Act, home healthcare patients require a face-to-face visit with the certifying physician within 90 days prior to start of care or within 30 days after start of care. The reason for the face-to-face encounter must relate to the primary reason the patient requires home health services.

Face-To-Face Documentation Must Include:

  1. Date of the encounter
  2. Patient’s name
  3. Brief narrative that explains the reason skilled service is necessary for the treatment of the patient’s illness or injury based on the physician’s clinical findings during the face-to-face encounter
  4. Specific statements explaining why the patient is homebound
  5. Signature of the certifying physician
  6. Date of the certifying physician’s signature

And remember, no specific form is required if your office visit note or discharge summary includes the information listed above. Just attach a copy to your patient referral and you are done.

determine if your patient meets the face-to-face requirement >>

Guide to Care Plan Oversight (CPO)

Medicare reimburses physicians for time spent overseeing the care of patients receiving home care services. You may already be doing the work so why not get paid for it? Our downloadable CPO guide gives you the conditions of coverage, billing tips and local reimbursement rates for many markets nationwide. 

Are you eligible? Have you performed the following services for your home health patients? 

  • Reviewed charts, reports, treatment plans or lab and study results outside the initial patient review?
  • Communicated with other healthcare professionals involved with the patient’s care?
  • Had discussions with a pharmacist about a patient’s pharmacological needs?
  • Coordinated services that required your skills as a physician?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you may have been providing CPO and you may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement. 

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